how to discipline a child

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PSYC 2301. Introduction to Psychology
Paper #1
" Parenting- How To Discipline A Child "

Assignment: Parenting- How To Discipline A Child

Raising a child is never easy. However, what is the most appropriate way of raising a child? Experts and researchers in the field of parenting hold many diverse opinions and perspectives on this issue. The definition of what is the "most appropriate" method or style of discipline continues to be debated. Your assignment is to research and write about one method of raising or disciplining a child. For this assignment, you must have AT LEAST 3 REFERENCES on your topic.

1. Define in detail a method of discipline: (DOCUMENT YOUR 3 REFERENCES) 2. Give your own detailed example of the method of discipline. 3. Offer your opinion as to whether you think this method of discipline is "good" or "bad".

You must use APA or MLA format to: CITE YOUR SOURCES in the TEXT of the PAPER You must also have a complete REFERENCES section at the end of your paper

Format Requirements:

► Each paper must include your full name, course number/section number, instructor's name, assignment title, and due date in the upper left hand corner of the paper. For example:

John Doe
PYSC 2301, Section 047
Dr. Richard Yuen

Paper #1: Parenting- How to Discipline a Child.
Date: Month, Day, Year

► Each paper must be between 3-4 pages in length.
► The paper must be typed in 12-point font size.
► The paragraphs/sentences must be double-spaced.
► The paper must have exactly 1-1.25 inch margins.
► The papers must contain the following 3 major sections:

Section One: What method of discipline have you chosen to research and define? What is the researched definition of this method of discipline? In other words, what is it? What does it mean? How do people define it? What does it involve for the parent? What does it involve for the child? What are the benefits or advantages of using this method of...

References: SECTION!!!
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