How to Communicate Effectively

Topics: Hearing, Audience, Ear Pages: 4 (375 words) Published: September 5, 2014

Brilliant Public Speaking
Carol Scott-Payne
Marie Germaine

The topics we have discussed this week relates to the video in ways that demonstrate how to communicate effectively and keep the focus of the audience on what the writer or the speaker is talking about. It teaches how to become a talented speaker and how to line up thoughts in the right perspective to gain trustworthiness from the particular audience that is welcomed by the subject chosen to speak about. This video was design to give everyone who watched it an idea of how to motivate himself as a public speaker. It gives ideas on how to enhance the power of the abilities a public speaker has on influencing people that are listening and it gives inspiration to those who the message touch in a special way. These are things in which we have discussed and relate largely on the speakers’ ability on how well these tips are used to impact the ears of the listener. The most relevant practice in the video to me is the one that provides insight on how to win over the audience. First a speaker must choose a topic that the people want to hear about rather than picking something that appeases him. To get the crowd involved the speaker should ask questions that will allow the audience to think about the message that is being conveyed to produce a desire to continue learning more about the topic. One to attract the audience when publicly speaking is the ability of knowing what to wear to attract the attention of the crowd. I believe that the combination of dress wear and appearance of the speaker plays a major role in acquiring the attention of the audience. My advice about delivering an effective speech begins with attracting your audience. A speaker can capture the audience attention by taking advantage of the audience by giving them what they want. The speaker should do the homework and research needed to provide accurate and dependable information to prove...
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