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Breaking a bad habit is and can be very hard to do. To start a habit is kind of simple once you think of something like smoking, then you have already started the bad habit by thinking of smoking. However when they think they have broken the habit, they will fall back to the same habits again when they face problems in life or have some stress in their life after breaking the habit. To keep from falling back in the bad habit, you will need some support from your family or friends, and change your thinking and routine. Also thinking of things like smoking will cause cancer, and bad breath or maybe making my clothes stink. It will make the person who surrounding cause cancer too. To break this bad habit, the method is control them by controlling the bad habits you will get them under control but keep in mind that it is a constant fight to keep it under control. The family and love ones is important for them now, they need their encourage and caring. To break a bad habit you have to know your strength and have the support of family and friends, also recognize the things that caused you to do the bad habit.

When you start to break a bad habit, like smoking the first thing you need to d is a little research on yourself so that you can make sure that you are successful. There several steps that could be and should be followed so you will beat your bad habits. Five Steps to Breaking Bad Habits:

1.Change your environment. Certain environments are breeding grounds for certain behaviors. If you’re addicted to smoking you will need to change your routine such, after eating a big meal you go outside to smoke, will change that by going to a walk around the block and get your family involved they will be a big help in keeping you on track. 2.Surround yourself with friends who are already what you want to become. Limit your time with people who aren’t what you want to become (e.g. If you want to quit smoking, you can’t...
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