How the enviroment affects us

Topics: Literature, Crime, Police Pages: 1 (261 words) Published: February 12, 2014
Honors literature 9
“Where We Are Shapes Who We Are”
The article that Mrs. Capps has provided me with is, full of tested hypothesis proving the theory of how our society is prepositioning our personas. As people we see ourselves naturally as kind, friendly and honest. However, were more like a chameleon because we change based on our surroundings. You may not notice but others do and it shows a whole lot about who you truly are. These tests were made by scientist and the police forces to find how people truly act in different surroundings. The first Test, the series of blue lights, quickly showed significant results of the crime rates. They dramatically decreased and it was proven that the blue lights were, mysteriously calming and gives a sense of justice or hope to the people. Not only did the crime rates reduce but the number of suicide attempts decreased as well. Another theory is the mirror theory which is said to be even more powerful, because they compel us to peer, metaphorically, into our own souls. In West Midlands, England, they placed a pair of eyes around town on posters. It showed that the people are more honors and have more manners in places they feel they are being watched. I know it’s comforting to believe that there’s a unique individual version of each of us but there isn’t. We are simply, the Good or the bad. The environmental shapes and reshapes us as fast as we can walk from one part of the city to another.
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