Argument Essay About Enviroment

Topics: Natural environment, Environment, Hydrology Pages: 2 (681 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Sungsik woo
Intermediate composition
Final Draft
The Four-River Restoration Project
At first, the government tried to make the Korean Grand Canal to transfer people and supplies using ships. However, many people had been opposed to the plan severely, and the government gave up and started the Four-River Restoration Project. This project is a government enterprise for the purpose of preventing floods, securing water resources and encouraging restoration of the land. The government insists that the project is efficient and good for people’s lives. It can help to prevent floods and droughts by securing water resources. The improvements of the water quality can make the rivers sound. Also, regional economy can be revitalized by the government investing a large sum of money. However, the movements against the Four-River Restoration Project usually began with the Buddhist community, Catholics, and the environmental groups opposing the government’s views extensively. Also, most people are anxious, and doubt the truth about the project because there are resultant problems in economics and natural environment from the Four-River Restoration Project. So, I am against the Four-River Restoration Project. The Four-River Restoration Project is uneconomical. It is very costly to implement this project. The Four-River Restoration Project costs 22 trillion won to make the water routes. Also, the annual maintenance costs are enormous. It is about 3.5 trillion won. In addition, the costs for preventing destruction of the environment and disturbing the ecosystem are added to the expenses. I think that is a complete waste of time and money. Though, the government emphasized the benefits of this project continually. They put emphasis on preventing many disasters, environmental remediation, cultural development and economic development. However, the damages outweigh the advantages in the strict words. Second, there are many environmental disadvantages in the Four-River...
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