human sevices, the environment

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Exploring the dynamics of human behavior prepares a foundation of knowledge that builds practice skills. The primary step in helping a client is assessing, which includes investigating and determining the changes that affects a recognized problem or issue from a wide range of perceptions. There are always reasons why people act in the manner they do and it is the human service professional’s job to verify that reason. A normal development milestone has serious impacts on the client and social workers must understand these milestones to provide information to the clients. Appropriate assessments of client behavior are relevant to the biological, psychological, and social development systems that operate together and affect behavior.

Bio-Psycho-Social Dimensions of Development
With the realization that people are complex, workers have a primary focus on the vibrant interactions between biological, psychological, and social aspects of development. These interactions ultimately affect the client’s overall health. For example, a medical illness such as anxiety can provide insight on the dimensions of development. According to Zastrow and Kirst-Ashman (2010), if a person is diagnosed with anxiety their psychological state of mind is already affected and the illness is a present problem. The anxiety will cause the person to isolate themselves from others and affect the sociological dimension. Mood swings may occur and affect normal habits such as eating or sleeping which will eventually start to affect the client’s biological dimension (Chapter 1). Overall, the biological dimension consists of issues with weight loss and physical problems with a person’s health. With the biological issues at hand, it spills over to the psychological aspect and the professional can literally see problems with the mental state of the person such as feelings of disgust with themselves, or frequent arguing with others. Finally, the psychological issues affect the sociological aspect...
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