How should I study to improve my academic performance in school?

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How should I study to improve my academic performance in school?

Studying is not reading. It requires a more intense and organised effort. To study effectively, you must have good planning, memory, reading, note taking and time management skills. To study effectively you must master certain skills: planning, memorising, time management, note taking, and sometimes managing stress. Everyone has a different “learning style”. Consequently, everyone has a different “studying style”. But the way that you are studying right now might not be the best for you. How would you know? Easy: If your grades aren’t what you’d like them to be, then you probably need to change how you study!

A). A Good Study Place Although studying in a sitting room or dormitory room (for students in boarding schools), is convenient, it is often a poor place to learn. The dorm/sitting room has a plethora of distractions including sweet voices of your singing friends. If you want to improve your concentration and efficiency as a student, learn to study from the class, library or any other quiet place. You need a good study place to be prepared to study. You should be able to answer YES to all of the following questions: 1. Is my study place free from interruptions? It is important to have uninterrupted study time. You must maintain silence in class. Research shows that most students study best in a quiet environment. Study at the same time and at the same place, devoted to study only. This helps you to associate the time and place with studying and concentrating. You will find that you get into a habit of studying as soon as you sit down. However, change of environment may help in managing stress. 2. Does my study place contain all the study materials I need? Be sure your study place includes reference sources and supplies such as pens and pencils, paper, ruler, calculator, and whatever else you might need. 3. Does my Study Space contain a clean desk or table? While working on an...
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