How Light Intensity Affect Photosynthesis

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Photosynthesis, Oxygen Pages: 3 (853 words) Published: October 31, 2012
How does light intensity and carbon dioxide levels affect photosynthesis rate Phaladi Phaladi
Department Of Mathematics And Science Education
University Of Botswana

Plants, through the use of chlorophyll (green pigment in plants) that traps light can generate ‘food’ by combining carbon dioxide in the air and water. As with many chemical process energy is need to make and break molecules during the chemical process. The greater the light levels the more energy is available to carry out process of photosynthesis. Some photosynthesis requires carbon dioxide, the more carbon dioxide that is available that is available the greater the rate of photosynthesis. According to Sadava et al (2011) increasing light intensity would tend to increase the rate of photosynthesis up to a certain point: limiting factors might then be the speed with which the photosystem machinery could process the incoming energy. By Robert Frank (2007) limiting factors are the required factors whose supply most strongly influences or affect the rate of a reaction. The objective in this investigation is to find out how light intensity and carbon dioxide levels affect the rate of photosynthesis. Questions of this investigation can be; 1. How does light intensity affect photosynthesis?

2. How does carbon dioxide influence photosynthesis?
3. What other factors contribute to the process of photosynthesis? It can be predicted and said that increasing light intensity will increase the rate of photosynthesis and increasing carbon dioxide levels will increase the rate of photosynthesis. Method

In this investigation materials will be needed that include elodea, test tube, water, sodium bicarbornate powder, lamp, tape, razor blade, metric ruler, metal stand and glass rod. You will have to assemble these equipment to measure the rate of photosynthesis in elodea plant. Procedure; carefully cut the elodea leaf and crush its end then place it in a test tube filled with water. Hold fast...

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