How JROTC Builds character and leadership
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Since the beginning, the JROTC program in American high

schools has provided its cadets with life changing skills which

strengthen the attributes of character and leadership. Within

the program, cadets are given the opportunity to discover their

true abilities and to utilize them in every day life to succeed

in their future goals and to brighten and improve the world

around them.

Character is a significant quality that is molded and il- luminated through the JROTC program. The importance of

upholding military bearing is stressed by teaching cadets

the importance of respect, obedience, trust, and many other

character traits that are needed to live as an individual and

to contribute positive benefits in society. Through insightful

lessons of self discovery, the ambition to change one’s flaws

and maintain successful habits for educational needs becomes

one of the main goals to achieve. Prominent positions also

motivate cadets to behave accordingly and confidently so they

exemplify what it means to be a JROTC cadet and encourage

others to emulate their behavioral ways and skills.

Leadership is emphasized as the most important character

trait in JROTC. Through its definitive representation of prin- ciples such as loyalty, duty, and respect, cadets are allowed

to learn and demonstrate the ability to take charge and guide a group to accomplish specific tasks. The art of patience and cooperation are key factors that are

found to be essential for leadership positions in JROTC for the purpose of making sure that each

subordinate is able to make a contribution to the team to achieve a goal. Learning how to distin- guish the difference between “leading” and “controlling” separates the competent leaders from the

incompetent ones. The skill of taking heed to what will benefit “the group” than “oneself” is a belief

JROTC Builds Character and Leadership
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