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Topics: Leadership, Management, Charismatic authority Pages: 7 (641 words) Published: May 26, 2015
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Take Quiz: Week Two - Organizational Behavior
Please take this simple online quiz. All questions have EXACTLY one correct answer.

#1: Per Daniel Goleman, people who are adept at managing their feelings well and who can read and effectively deal with other people’s feelings are:

At an advantage in any domain of life.
Most likely to get involved in other peoples affairs.
Most likely to create interpersonal conflict.

#2: In the past many leadership models taught in business schools focused on:

Emotions are considered a detriment to good decision making. Irrational decision making.
The right answer never involves logic and analysis.

#3: Per Goleman, IQ depends in large on:

The mental machinery you inherited from your parents.
How well you learn from MBA schools.
The amount of protein you eat during the first 5 years of life. Correct!

#4: EQ is critical for leaders because:

All of these.
It allows you to manage your own emotions.
Understand the emotions of followers.

#5: Like EQ, SQ is:

Useful in recognizing emotions in others.
Caring about what people wear.
Using socially acceptable words.

#6: Leadership is best defined as:

The ability to influence a group toward the achievement of a vision or set of goals. The ability to merely project one's abilities in the lack of actual accomplishments. The ability to induce the team members to focus on individual goals rather than collective goals. Correct!

#7: According to Goleman, CQ is:

Change Quotient
Cautious Quotient
Clear Quick thinking

#8: Trait theories of leadership focus on:

The personal qualities and characteristics that differentiate leaders from nonleaders. The special relationship that leaders establish with a small group of their followers. The way the leader makes decisions.


#9: According to evidence, what is the first step a charismatic leader takes to influence followers?

Articulating an appealing vision.
Developing a formal vision statement.ans
Setting an example for followers through actions and words.

#10: Transformational leaders enhance performance of employees by:

Building consensus among employees.
Restricting creativity among employees.
Focusing on short-term goals for employees. ans

#11: A(n) ________ is a senior employee who sponsors and supports a less-experienced employee, a protégé.


#12: Level 5 Leadership is:

Extreme personal humility blended paradoxically with intense professional will. Servant leadership.
Authentic leadership traits. ans

#13: When we compare Leadership to Management the following describes the management role:

All of these.
Use of authority inherent in designated formal rank.
Obtain compliance from organizational members through reward or punishment. Correct!

#14: The behavioral theories of leadership propose that:

All of these.
Specific behaviors differentiate leaders from non-leaders.
Behavior can be learned therefore leadership can be learned. Correct!

#15: definition of Transactional Leaders is they:

All of these.
Help followers achieve goals through inspiration.
Guide or motivate their followers in the direction of established goals by clarifying role and task requirements. Correct!

#16: Plan, Organize, Control, Direct, and Use Power all are characteristic of:

managers ans

#17: Communicate Value, Initiate new ideas, Catalyze Change, Use Influence and Inspirational are characteristic of:

neither ans

#18: Leadership research suggests that leadesr are:

a blend...
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