Quiz 4

Topics: Medical emergencies, Cardiac cycle, Blood Pages: 4 (724 words) Published: December 4, 2014
A patient with a C7 spinal cord injury states he must hve the flu because he has a bad headache and nausea. The initial action of the nurse is to

check the patient's temperature.

take the patient's blood pressure.

elevate the head of the bed to 90 degrees.

call the physician.

The priority nursing intervention for a patient with facial trauma is

Administration of IV fluids at a rapid rate.

Application of a dressing to control facial bleeding.

Clearing the airway of blood and debris.

Application of a soft cervical collar to the neck.
A patient who was in a motor vehicle crash has fractures of the lower ribs on the left side. The nurse should anticipate that which of the following organs may also be injured?





A trauma patient becomes restless and agitated with cyanosis around the mouth. He has diminished breath sounds bilaterally. The priority intervention for this patient is to

insert 2 large-caliber IV's and infuse normal saline at a rapid rate.

obtain a chest radiograph.

apply high-flow oxygen using a non-rebreather mask.

administer pain medication.

A trauma patient has an abdominal injury and has a knife protruding from his abdomen. The nurse should

Remove the knife, administer fluids, and give morphine for pain management.

Remove the knife, preserve it as evidence of a crime, and call the police.

Leave the knife in place and stabilize it with a bulky dressing.

Leave the knife in place and elevate the HOB 30 degrees to relieve tension on the injury site.

A patient has returned home following extensive rehabilitation for a C8 spinal cord injury. The home care nurse notices that the patients family members are performing many of the activities of daily living that the patient was doing during rehabilitation. Which action by the nurse is most appropriate at this time?

Tell the family members to stop performing care...
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