How Has Selective Breeding Helped Global Foot Distrubution

Topics: Selective breeding, Breed, Cattle Pages: 2 (857 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Selective breeding has allowed us to improve our global food production, because the food that we eat has been looked after and well cared for by farmers, but the real work is from the scientist when they have selectively breeded the best of the best cows and cattle, meat and wheat by changing the DNA of the animal and controlling the breeding of the animal by taking sperm from the bulls with the most desirable characteristics, and put it into an egg taken from the females with the most desirable characteristics. They do this by collecting the sperm and then taking the sperm to the Lab and they view it under a micro scope to make sure that all the sperm are healthy. They track there movement and how quickly they are moving. When they get the all clear that the sperm are healthy, they will inject the sperm into an egg. This will eventually create the calf, which is the best of the best. This process takes 100’s of years to complete. Only now have we been able to alter the genes and take out the genes so that certain things in a cow don’t work. In the Belgian blues, the scientists have taken the gene that controls muscle growth, and replaced it with one that doesn’t work. This makes a lot of muscle over time as the baby is born with muscle before and in its lifetime, it grows even more. This meat will usually be sold for quick cooking meat in takeaways, and brings the farmers/ scientists a healthy profit. McDonalds are one of the more know companies to buy meat like this. The Breeders also now are more conscious of fat, as people don’t want fat on their meat, so breeders have bred specifically to produce animals with less fat. Selective Breeding can not only just be done to meat, but also to plants. Over the years, Wheat heads are now much bigger than the wheat 200 years ago. The heads are fatter and the plant is shorter, because the taller the plant, the smaller the head of wheat. Farmers like to use the method of selective breeding, as it shows you that you don’t...
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