How Do Violent Video Games Affect Children

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Do Violent Video Games Desensitize Children
Anthony Cook
Southwest Baptist University

Video games were first introduced in the 70’s and have taken a drastic change in the way they are being developed now versus when they were introduced. Since the 70’s every decade up until todays games have become more violent natured with strong language, killing, blood, and being realistic. With the increasing demands of more realistic games in today’s society comes more violence that children are exposed to at young ages. Vessey and Lee note that in 1985 there were 100 million dollars in video game sales to now were it exceeds 10 billion dollars a year (2000). The big change for video games came when they came out with first person
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It could also solve aggressive behaviors by talking about what you see in the game and how it is not real and it is not ok to carry aggression from a game to the real world. Yang, Huesmann, and Bushman state, “There is substantial evidence that playing a violent video game increases the aggression of the player shortly afterwards” (p 537-38). Having aggression shortly after playing a game could result in poor decisions made by the person affected. This could lead to more hostile events from people such as fighting when someone is angry from a game and it has carried over to the real world. Different types of games can cause different types of aggression or different levels; there are many type of violent games such as first person shooters/thief games/ and adventure. Hollingdale and Greitemeyer state, “FPSs have been found to significantly increase hostility and aggression from base line levels” (p 2). With these types of video games out there for young children to experience could be a hazard since it is shown that FPSs have a significant increase in hostility. This could be why society today is seeing more violent and thought out mass shootings that have such a high casualty …show more content…
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