How democratic Is the UK?

Topics: Democracy, House of Lords, Government Pages: 3 (1007 words) Published: November 5, 2014
When compared to other countries in the World, the UK is undoubtedly democratic because of the parliament which is a representative institution. This is a definitive guarantee that the voices of the people are heard throughout the government as the people’s wishes are properly represented. Due to public outcry, David Cameron’s proposal for military action to Syria was shut down in the houses of Commons. This illustrates the significance and power of parliament as it has direct control over all legislation. Parliament can vote against governmental proposals and block them, thus ensuring that they do not become self-interested or corrupt; this ensures that the UK is considerably democratic. Each person has an MP to promote and represent their personal interests, allowing them a voice in parliament. However, the level of democracy in the UK is significantly hindered by the fact that Parlimental checks don’t have the authority to impose meaningful regulations. Due to the fact that Parliament is sovereign , has ultimate power, it is responsible for regulating itself; this can often be ineffective thus eroding the level of Democracy in the UK. This is accentuated by the actions of Maria Miller in April 2014, where she effectively stole £45,000 and was only forced to pay £5,800 in reparations after public outcry and several investigations. This shows how flawed the UK parliament is as too much power and jurisdiction that lays in the hands of The MP’s. This is mirrored by the houses of Lord’s, an unelected institution that maintains significant power and influence in the legislation making process. Due to the fact that the lords are unelected they are not accountable to anyone or a constituency and do no have to represent anyone’s views but their own. This results in a substantial drop in democracy in the UK as it removes the power of the people and hands it to unelected individuals. Democracy is also increased significantly by the implementation of Pressure Groups....
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