Australian Parliament a Law Maker Has No Major Faults

Topics: Legislature, European Parliament, Law Pages: 4 (1245 words) Published: April 30, 2008
Parliament is the national representative body which has supreme legislative powers within its jurisdiction. While it oversees the completion of a number of other tasks parliaments’ main role is undoubtedly to make and pass laws and it has to be said that it achieves this role efficiently. Parliament and the members of parliament are elected solely by the people and are therefore responsible to the voting public. When passing laws parliament has the ability to, as part of its law making process obtain expert opinion with regards to tough and controversial issues. This process of law making is a completely structured procedure which follows a routine series of stages whenever a piece of legislation is proposed. These factors amongst others all contribute to the effective and efficient law making system that parliament is. While like any other structured organisation parliament has a number of weaknesses and faults these are minor and have very little effect on parliament as a law-making institution.

The main role of parliament is to introduce, debate and put into practice laws that are for the greater good of society. Law making is not a sub-role or something that parliament focuses only a small amount of its attention on it is the sole purpose of its existence. To have a national organisation the size and strength of parliament that focuses solely on law making is one of its main strengths as a law making institution. However parliament is not always sitting and it could be said that this causes a delay in parliament’s ability to react to issues that require changes to the law. If there was a law that it became clear required urgent attention parliament may have to wait a number of weeks for a scheduled sitting date before this issue could be discussed and any changes to the law be made. Parliament is elected by the people and is consequently responsible to the voting public; this is strength of it as a law making institution.

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