How Computer Influence Us in Our Daily Lives Uh

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Computers at work, school and home
Computer is an electronic, digital device which is operated under given instructions stored in its own memory. Computers are very useful to us. They are used almost everywhere even at work, school and home by people to complete certain tasks or work. There are many types of computers such as desktop computers, pocket PC, and even smartphones. Computer consists of two components. They are hardware and software. The hardware are the parts of computer itself including the Central Processing Unit (CPU) and related microchips and micro-circuitry, keyboards, monitors, case and drives (hard, CD, DVD, floppy, optical, tape, etc...). Other extra parts called peripheral components or devices include mouse, printers, modems, scanners, digital cameras and cards (sound, colour, video) etc... Together they are often referred to as a personal computer. The software is the information that the computer uses to get the job done. Software needs to be accessed before it can be used. There are many terms used for process of accessing software including running, executing, starting up, opening, and others.Computer programs allow users to complete tasks. A program can also be referred to as an application and the two words are used interchangeably.

A) How computers change the way people work in factories, office, homes and a variety of industries Back in the old times, a few people are needed to work on a job but now it only takes 1 person and the help of a computer to get the job done which also saves time and manpower. This is because computers used in factories saves labour by doing jobs which need to be done by a few or more people. Next, the way people used to work in offices and homes back before the computer was invented is by typing documents using a typewriter or writing letters. Nowadays, computers are like a replacement for typewriters. This is because they can be used to type documents and letters. This not only saves time but also standardise the format of letters and other documents. Besides that, the computers can store files and data. So people at factories, offices, homes and industries do not have to keep lots of filing cabinets to store these files. This helps to save space. Other than that, computers are used to control machines in factories and industries nowadays. This helps in the production of items to be standardised and to maintain the quality of the item.

B) Several ways which computers have changed the quality of jobs, both positively and negatively Since the invention of the first computer, the computer has helped us to complete tasks. It has changed our lives. If we were to live without computers in the world, it would be very much difficult compared to the way we live right now. Computers have high accuracy and high precision. They can calculate mathematical equations in just a few seconds accurately. This can minimize miscalculations. Besides that, computers have programmes which help in drawing architecture plans, solving equations for engineers and presenting slide shows. This helps many different types of people with different occupations to complete their job. These programmes also enhance the quality of jobs of different users. Other than that, computers also complete jobs neatly. For instance, when we want to type a report we can just type it out in Microsoft Word as it is more neat and tidy compared to some of our handwritings which are hard to read. Furthermore, computers can be used to surf the Internet to find more information. With that, quality of researches will keep improving. On the other hand, a computer does not know how to differentiate a person or user. To the computer, everybody is the same person to it. So if a person tries to create a virus or hack its file system, it will follow the instructions given. This can reduce the quality of job.

C) How our society will adjust as more and more jobs automated Nowadays, many jobs are...
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