Hospitality Industry Knowledge

Topics: Tourism, World Tourism Organization, Tourism in Australia Pages: 4 (1213 words) Published: August 11, 2011
Hospitality Industry Knowledge

1. List six sources of current industry information:
- Media: Such as newspapers, television, magazines and radio. The media publicises current information, trends developing and any government initiatives. - Customers: By doing customer questionnaires this can inform enterprises as to what they need to improve, as well as which staff are working well. - Information services: For example the Australian Bureau of Statistics and Tourism NSW (all these services are provided by the government) and provide a whole range of issues within the industry. - Internet: Sites such as The World Tourism Organisation (WTO) provide information on environmental issues and trends frequently. Anyone can publish anything on the internet, so it is important to check that the information sourced is credible and correct. - Industry Journals: (Also known as trade magazines) are not available from local industries and usually require a subscription, as they are extremely valuable sources of current information. Within the either national / international journals hospitality positions are advertised, trends are addressed and practices of various enterprises are shown. - Training courses: May either be on-site or off-site, and provide the opportunity for staff to experience specific training in a chosen area.

2. Differentiate between primary and secondary sources of information: A primary source is when information is gathered first hand, whereas secondary source is when the information is gathered from a source that has already conducted the research.

3. Indentify the basic research skills that are required when researching: It is important to recognise that the source is credible and that it is of relevance.

4. List three channels that may be used to disseminate information once collected: Media, Internet and customers.

5. Explain the importance of updating hospitality industry knowledge: Updating hospitality industry...
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