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Project Proposal

A. General Information

SK Hospital Automation software which is planned to develop for the complete computerization of SK Hospital activities. In the first phase of the project, Patient management and supply chain modules are handled. During the subsequent phases of the development complete computerization of the hospital will be done including payroll and HR activities.

Project Title:
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Points of Contact

Project Sponsor

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Customer (User) Representative(s)


B. Project Purpose
The main Aim of the proposed intranet application is to reduce patient wait time and for top management get a clear understanding of the day today activities of the hospital

1. Business Problem

The Business Problem is a question, issue, or situation, pertaining to the business, which needs to be answered or resolved. State in specific terms the problem or issue this project will resolve. Often, the Business Problem is reflected as a critical business issue or initiative in the Agency’s Strategic Plan or IT Strategic Plan.

2. Core Business Activity Impacted
Core Business Activities are agency defined cross-functional processes that produce the agency's primary products and services, or support the production of the products or services. List the Core Business Activities impacted by the project and identify the impact.

Agency Core Business Activity
Impact on Core Business Activity

3. Constraints
Constraints are items that by their nature restrict choice. Identify Constraints that will influence the selection of a solution to resolve the Business Problem. Constraints can include but are not limited to: time, funding, personnel, facilities, and management limitations.

C. Project Description

By analyzing the business problem , we planned to develop a new System for the day today activities of the hospital which will include the following functionalities.

New System can be developed in MVP architecture using Front end and SQL Server as the backend

Patient Registration
1. Patient Details ( Inputs should be taken from client)
2. Selecting the doctor for appointment
3. OP card generation
4. Bill payment ( Registration fees + consultation fees)
5. After the successful payment, generate next available token for that doctor. Revisit
1. Review date and time can be generated with token number
2. Consultation fees can be collected, if it doesn’t comes under free consultation 3. After successful bill payment, next available token for that particular doctor can be given. 4. SMS can be sent before 24 hours of review date.

1. Patient-Current details of the patient should be obtained in search 2. Doctor search
3. Position of Token for a doctor for a particular day
Doctor Consultation
1. Displays the patient list for that days appointment
2. By selecting a particular patient, all details corresponding to the patient should be displayed 3. Medicines can be selected from the drop down
4. Symptoms can be selected from the drop down
5. Can be referred to another doctor
6. For consulting another doctor patient have to get the token number for another doctor. Pharmacy
1. Patient can be pay the bills in any cash counter. Doctor prescribed medicine list should be visible in the cash counter by entering the patient hospital number. Patient can decide the quantity of medicine 2. From the billing counter patient will get a reference number. 3. Once the bills are paid, patent’s billed medicine list should be available in the pharmacy system. 4. Patient can produce this reference number to the pharmacy, and can collect his medicines Access Privilege

1. Based on user roles access privilege of screens can be given Central store
Two central stores one for pharmacy and another for other...
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