Healing Hospital

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Healing Hospital

Religious beliefs and practices are an important aspect in many of the patients’ lives who are seeking medical care and the proper treatment in medical institutions all over. This has been a challenge for many physicians and medical professionals because their training consists primarily on dealing with and treating different types of diseases and diagnoses (McCormick,1998). Another issue that has been surrounding this topic is the privacy of the patients which medical professionals are concerned not to impose on. Doctor patient confidentiality is something that is common and a phrase that has been used widely for some time now. This is something most of us have heard of and are quite comfortable with because we like to keep our information such as medical history private. Confidentiality is an issue that falls under the ethics of our medical professionals and it is more of a requirement that each doctor has to swear by. Crossing the line with patients is not something doctors want to do and are not comfortable being a part of. This comes to question when we talk about the many religious practices and beliefs that are out there and how to incorporate it into the medical field to give people a choice and provide the proper medical care at the same time. Although being a sensitive subject it is not unheard of since there are hospitals and different types of medical institutions that have found a way to provide both without infringing on patients comfort and their personal beliefs.

Combining proper health care and religion together has not been a problem for Mercy Gilbert Medical Center in Arizona. Mercy Gilbert Medical Center has found a way to incorporate health care and religion so to speak and create a healing hospital that prides itself on providing a healing facility and a healing culture. “A Healing Hospital (which is a designation awarded by the Baptist Healing Trust, Nashville, Tenn.) goes beyond the glass, bricks and mortar” Laurie...
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