Horses of the Night

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“Horses of the Night” by Margaret Laurence

1. Who is the narrator of the story? How old is she at the start of the story? What is her age at the end of the story? Discuss the reliability of the narrator. 2. Go back through the story looking for examples of foreshadowing. 3. Discuss the shifts that occur in the setting of the story. 4. Why does Chris hesitate to believe in God?

5. Discuss the significance of the following names used in the story: a. Chris
b. Brick House
c. Shallow Creek
d. Its title, “Horses of the Night”

Significant Quotes:

“But quite good just isn’t good enough. Even supposing he managed to get a scholarship, which isn’t likely, it’s only tuition and books. What about room and board? Who’s going to pay for that? Your father?” (pg. 288)

“Most people don’t like talking about this kind of thing- it embarrasses them, you know? Or else they’re not interested. I don’t mind. I can always think about things myself. You don’t need anyone to talk to.” (pg. 298)

“I was thinking of all the schemes he’d had, the ones that couldn’t possibly have worked, the unreal solutions to which he’d clung because there were no others, the brave and useless strokes of fantasy against a depression that was both the world’s and his own.” (pg. 300)

Fortnight (pg. 294)
Reticent (pg. 295)
Equanimity (pg. 285)
Scorn (pg. 282)

Writing Assignment
Please select one of the following diploma topics.

-Discuss the idea(s) developed by the text creator in your chosen text about the role adversity plays in shaping an individual’s identity.

-Discuss the idea(s) developed by the text creator in your chosen text about the conflict between pursuing a personal desire and choosing to conform.

-Discuss the idea(s) developed by the text creator in your chosen text about the significance of idealism and truth in an individual’s life.

Using your chosen topic, please write an introduction...
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