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In a thriller the good guys usually win in the end, although not always. A thriller is supposed to keep you on the edge of your seat, but a horror move pushes you past that and scares the heck out of you. Horror usually has more gore, and the villain generally escapes to scare you in the sequel. Horror movies usually feature 'overkill' and are usually further outside the range of probable than movies of the Thriller genre. They're usually aimed at frightening the viewer rather than exploring why a particular phenomena exists. For example, in the case of a serial killer, a Horror will feature multiple victims dying in horrific ways, with the emphasis on the victim's struggles to escape and their grisly deaths, whereas a Thriller would usually explore why the killer does it or feature the characters investigating what is going on - in other words, there'll be more emphasis on 'how' than 'why' in a Horror film and more emphasis on 'why' than 'how' in a Thriller film. ·

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Read more: What do you consider the difference between horror and thriller movies? | Answerbag[->2] http://www.answerbag.com/q_view/184832#ixzz1XqctFQBq Horror movies are meant to be scary because of the horrible nature of the content of the movie. A thriller is suspense based and although it can be quite scary it is not the main goal of the movie. Alfred Hitchcock was a master at making thrillers while Steven King movies are more of your horror type of films.

Read more: What do you consider the difference between horror and thriller movies? | Answerbag[->3] http://www.answerbag.com/q_view/184832#ixzz1XqdJiyhp A horror movie usually deals with supernatural and fantastic matters in a grisly way with the specific intent to disgust and shock audiences. Thrillers on the other hand tend to rely much more on the building of suspense and intrigue, have a wider range of themes and seldom have explicit or gory images. Top of Form 1

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Read more: What do you consider the difference between horror and thriller movies? | Answerbag[->4] http://www.answerbag.com/q_view/184832#ixzz1Xqdm4ZPW [->5][->6]
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Sunday, March 06, 2011

What's The Difference Between Thriller & Horror?
[->14][->15]Lots of Bang2writers[->16] *know* there's a difference to the genres of Horror and Thriller, yet confess they're not sure how to pin that difference down. It was something raised at last night's Scriptchat too about "Horror Vs. Thriller: The Monster Vs Suspense"[->17], so I thought I'd have a go.

On the surface, Horrors and Thrillers can seem rather similar and it's easy to see why. Both can take advantage of shock value via murder, ghosts & haunted houses and the like. Both often involve characters' lives being in danger in some way, usually at least for extended periods if not the entire narrative. Both very often have large body counts. Both often take into account the idea of "flight" in the first instance, followed by "fight" and both often use the "prepare to fight" montage to take the audience through the change of context in the narrative. Both often exploit the short timeframe, with...
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