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Honorable principal guest teachers and my dear fellow good morning and aok. Today is a day which holds special position in our life as today settians are paying their tribute to the voice which is still resounding in our minds and that is surely the voice of karbala. The events of Karbala reflect the collision of the good the evil, the virtuous versus the wicked, and the collision of Imam Hussain (the head of virtue) versus Yazid (the head of impiety). Imam Hussain (pbuh) was a revolutionary person, a righteous man, the religious authority, the Imam of Muslim Ummah (nation). As the representative of his grandfather Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Imam Hussain's main concern was to safeguard and protect Islam and guide fellow Muslims. On the other hand, the staying power of the rulers (Muawiya and his son Yazid) depended solely on the might of the sword. They used brute force to rule over the Muslim empire even by all possible illicit means. Hussain is a candle of light who glows in day and night

Oh hussain you have brought light in dark lifes
The mission of Imam Hussain (pbuh) is distinctly unique, political and religious revolutionary movement in the history of World. His was a tremendous undertaking which still reverberates throughout the Muslim nation. He has been a propelling force and a seminal element in events throughout Islamic history). Imam Hussain's example has remained vividly alive for generations and centuries. His uprising, movement and ideals still have a deep impact on the conscience and awareness of the Muslim empire. Karbala proved to be a clash involving Islamic truths versus falsehood, belief versus disbelief, and the oppressed versus the oppressor, faith against brute force.., Eventually hussain was martyred along with his sons, most of his household and all of his companions. The bodies were mutilated and their heads were carried from Karbala, to Kufa and finally Damascus. His womenfolk were taken prisoners and marched across the desert....
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