Origins of Islam in America

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Origins of Islam in America
The history of Islam in America has made great strides over the last 900-1000 years. Starting in the 12th century and moving forward to the 19th century there were fewer notable accomplishments than in the twentieth century. Yet, they had a large effect on the shaping of today’s advancements in the recognition of Islam in our country today. As I will explain, the beginning events lead into larger movements that continued to grow the movement of Islam.In 1178, the Sung document reports that Muslim sailors voyaged to America, known to them as Mu-Lan-Pi. In the 14th century, there are two major events in Muslim History. In 1310, Muslim king, Abu Bakar, initiated several voyages to America and in 1312 African Muslims used the Mississippi River from the Gulf of Mexico to explore interior America. Further growth began to develop in the 16th century. In 1530, America saw its’ first African slaves. More than 10 million Africans were brought to America as slaves, more than 30 percent of those were Muslims. Many events in the early 19th century were related to the freeing of slaves and the abolishment of slavery in 1863. In 1807, Yarrow Mamout, an African American slave was freed, and became one of the shareholders in Columbia Bank. In 1808, Congress passed a law prohibiting the importation of slaves into America. In 1828, Abdulrahman Ibraheem Bin Sori, a former West African prince, was freed by President John Quincy Adams. A drawing of him was done by Henry Inman and is still displayed in the Library of Congress. In 1839, Sayyid Sa’id, the ruler of Oman, sends a ship, “The Sultana”, to America on a trade mission. The mission was a commercial failure it was a success in the sense that it started a friendly relationship between many Islamic nations and the United States that still exists today. The late 19th century started the emergence of Islamic scholars and the spread of Islam in...

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