honesty testing at carter cleaning company case study

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Learning Organisations

The Building Blocks
Before a Learning Organisations can be implemented , a solid foundation can be made by taking into account the following :  HYPERLINK "http://www.see.ed.ac.uk/~gerard/MENG/MEAB/learning_organisation/building_blocks.html" \l "Aware" Awareness  HYPERLINK "http://www.see.ed.ac.uk/~gerard/MENG/MEAB/learning_organisation/building_blocks.html" \l "Env" Environment  HYPERLINK "http://www.see.ed.ac.uk/~gerard/MENG/MEAB/learning_organisation/building_blocks.html" \l "Lead" Leadership  HYPERLINK "http://www.see.ed.ac.uk/~gerard/MENG/MEAB/learning_organisation/building_blocks.html" \l "Emp" Empowerment  HYPERLINK "http://www.see.ed.ac.uk/~gerard/MENG/MEAB/learning_organisation/building_blocks.html" \l "Learn" Learning AwarenessOrganisations must be aware that learning is necessary before they can develop into a Learning Organisation. This may seem to be a strange statement but this learning must take place at all levels; not just the Management level. Once the company has excepted the need for change, it is then responsible for creating the appropriate environment for this change to occur in. Environment

Centralised, mechanistic structures do not create a good environment. Individuals do not have a comprehensive picture of the whole organisation and its goals. This causes political and parochial systems to be set up which stifle the learning process. Therefore a more flexible, organic structure must be formed. By organic, we mean a flatter structure which encourages innovations. The flatter structure also promotes passing of information between workers and so creating a more informed work force. It is necessary for management to take on a new philosophy; to encourage openness, reflectivity and accept error and uncertainty. Members need to be able to question decisions without the fear of reprimand. This questioning can often highlight problems at an early stage and reduce time consuming errors. One way of...
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