Homicide Detective

Topics: Police, Crime, Detective Pages: 3 (449 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Homicide Detective?

By: Chauncey Jones

Intro to Criminal Justice


Training required becoming a detective: Like most police officers, homicide detectives must go through a period of training at a police academy or other training institution before they are qualified to work as a police detective. In this training, you would learn things like traffic control, use of firearms, self-defense, first aid and emergency response. You would also be trained in subjects like constitutional law and civil rights. Most detectives begin as patrol officers and work their way up in the police force.

Perhaps most important among the requirements to be a homicide detective are related to personality. You must prove that honesty, sound judgment, integrity, and a sense of responsibility are important to you, since they are especially important in law enforcement.

What led you to make your career choices?

What is a typical day on the job like? While contributing to an investigation to solve a case, the homicide detective may carry out the following duties:

Examining the scene of crime to obtain clues and gather evidence.

Questioning witnesses;

Questioning individuals linked to homicide victims or to suspects.

Investigating and interviewing suspects.

Investigating known or suspected criminals to detect criminal activity or clue,

Investigating particular facts of the case to identify salient leads,

Visiting known haunts and mixing with criminals to obtain information relevant to the case.

Writing reports for submission to the officer in charge.

Conducting arrests or assisting in the arrests of criminals and suspects.

Preparing cases for court, in line with formal procedure

testifying before courts or juries.

What are...
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