Holistic Thinking in Management

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Systems Thinking
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Assignment No. 1

Title of Assignment:

Take a sector and map the trends towards holistic thinking in management

Date of submission: August 17, 2009

TITLE: Take a sector and map the trends towards holistic thinking in management

1 Introduction
Numerous activities and processes must be managed within a company. In order to satisfy the customers and to be commercially successful in the business environment, these activities and processes must be optimally coordinated which involves various kinds of thinking. There are many different ways of thinking, namely, (i) Logical thinking; (ii) Casual thninking; and (iii) Holistic thinking, among others. Although most of these thinking ways can not be applied in isolation with the other thinking patterns, as a much generalized comparison it can be said that the Logic alone is inadequate to deal with complex situations because it deals with simple, timeless cause and effect links between statements. Causal thinking, on the contary, underlies much of science where the tendency is to look at simple cause and effects by isolating components or parts of a whole. However, in the morden management techniques, stress has been laid upon the overall perspective of the problems in order to explore a sytematic and sustainable solution for it. Systems thinking tries to look at the complicated pattern of multiple causes that make up a whole, and to simplify by taking multiple partial views or perspectives. Another method of comparison between the various cognitive style is (i) analytic style; and (ii) holistic styles. While, an analytic thinking involves understanding a system by thinking about its parts and how they work together to produce larger-scale effects; the holistic thinking involves understanding a system by sensing its large-scale patterns and reacting to them. The Holistic thinking is the pattern of thinking in which resources of a particular system are managed in whole units rather than as parts in isolation from their surroundings. Thus, Holistic thinking involves working with and for wholes rather than parts of the system at hand. Consequently, as a process, in order to have a clear description of what is being managed, holistic thinking involves: i) defining of the overall system as a whole,

ii) listing of all the decision-makers involved in management and, iii) the resources allocated, or issue
Objective of the present case stude is to select a sector and map the trends towards holistic thinking in management of its issues and problems.

2 Methodology adopted
In this assignment a sector is selected with a problem in it. The problem is then analysed holistically taking a wholesome view with respect to the problem. Finally, the trends of holistic management thinking are mapped in the sector. The sector selected for the analysis of trends of holistic management in it is the Real Estate construction in modern cities. The holistic view of the concern subject leads to the overall Housing, Construction and Urban planning and development which is studied here. Figure 1 presents a post-modern thinking process by emphasizing holistic thinking components that are abstract, in connection with those elements that are in concrete—seen, in the present. The main focus of the pyramid is to explore the Holistic Thinking Pyramid – a five-tier process of integration as a thinking process. [pic]

3 Holistic Management of Housing, Construction and Urban planning and development sector

3.1 Level 1-Basic Thinking/Background of the Sector
Urban planning and development is the integration of the disciplines of land use, its planning, and various issues relating to it and the realted transport activities and explores a very wide range of aspects of the built and social environments of urbanized municipalities and communities. In the modern cities the sustainable development and sustainability have...
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