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Remember that in life you are never all alone. Just when you think you are, God sends an angel your way to remind you that he always holds your hand when you need him the most. Praise each day. It truly is a gift from God. Even if you do it only once in your lifetime, do make it a point to watch the sunrise at a beach. I guarantee you that it will indeed be an experience of a lifetime that you will never forget.

Never EVER lose hope. For example you can create a monthly newsletter reminding others of the importance of remaining positive irrespective of the hurt and pain they may be going through....If you are creative perhaps start an art class for others

Sing, Sing, Sing. Sing in the shower. Turn up the dial on the radio or CD player and sing along. It does not matter if you think you cannot sing or you feel that your voice is just a wee bit hoarse...simply sing along anyway. If your kids or your spouse make fun of your singing, sing even louder! Scientific research has shown that singing can boost your immune system. Laugh and smile every day....thats too long ...just try and smile every five minutes, if you remember to do so. Cannot change others opinion of you - can you...So why brow-beat on what others feel about you, when you are confident about yourself and are sure that you will not be affected by what others say about you...Your spouse, your kids, your family and friends may not understand why you are smiling or laughing....and maybe the only one who understands your smile is you, yourself....BUT remember.....always laugh at yourself....and never ever make the mistake of laughing at others.

Smile at strangers. You probably just made his or her day. Try never to ignore the homeless or those less fortunate than you. If you can sponsor a meal for those less fortunate than you, on your birthday or on your anniversary....imagine how many beautiful hearts and souls would genuinely be thankful for your gesture...would cost you less than a fancy meal at...
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