Extravagant Worship
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Extravagant worship is more than just worship alone. It 's more than just an action, an outward expression, or any other kind of appearance. It 's important to understand what worship really is and how we become better worshippers. Learning how to become an extravagant worshipper can be found in Darlene Zschech 's book Extravagant Worship. What is extravagant worship? Darlene explains it well. She says, "Oh, for the opportunity to kiss the beautiful feet of Jesus" (24). She is referring to the Bible story found in Luke 7:36-50. Jesus was dining at Simon the Leper 's house one evening when a sinful woman brought perfume and worshipped at Jesus ' feet. She wet his feet with her tears and dried them with her hair. She kissed his feet and then poured perfume over them. Jesus then forgave her sins. The woman poured herself out to God in extravagant worship. Extravagant worship basically means to be wasteful. It means to "be elaborate in our offering of admiration to Him; our worship is to be over and above reasonable limits previously established" (25). This is what the woman did. Her offering was over and above all reasonable limits. She took something that was ordinary and made it extraordinary. Extravagance is all about what 's in your hand now, what you can give away. This is the heart of a true worshipper; to be "wasteful" (26).
Others that were with Jesus voiced their disapproval of the woman, but Jesus found no harm in her "wasteful" love for him. Jesus was merciful with the woman to see past her sins as she worshipped. Jesus forgave much, and the woman worshipped extravagantly. Our worship will always reflect how much we have been given. We need to constantly be looking at our lives and to "appraise the value we place on His love for us" (26). Worship is also to be done in "spirit and in truth" (John 4:24). Our worship is not just about the music being played, it 's about connecting with God. Darlene says, "Although music is a

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