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This document contains all the assessment information you will need for the HNC Social Care. They are collated in chronological order with the lecturer responsible (where this is known) identified on the assessment. It is up to the learner to ensure that the assessment is handed in by the deadline. The assessment schedule will be posted on the moodle site.

All work should be word processed and include appropriate references both in main essay through acknowledgement using the author surname and date of publication and detailed as a full reference in an end list attached to the back of your work. Please visit the power point on the moodle for further information as to the correct technique to use. In addition lecturers and library staff will help you with this.

Make note of the word count assigned to each essay and try to stay within the set number. If you are not going to meet the deadline then you need to ask your lecturer for an extension, this needs to happen in advance and not on the day the assessment is due. You can also submit your assignments before the due date.

Good Luck

Tutor: Susan Johnston

Agreed hand in Date: 1st October 2012


Unit Title: Social Care Theory for Practice

Unit No: DH3K 34

|Unit No. |Unit Title |Outcomes |
| | | |
|DH3K 34 |Social Care Theory for Practice |(01) Explain how social care values and principles influence |
| | |practice |

Guidelines for Social Care Theory for Practice Assignment:


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