Unit Title Principles of Health and Social Care Practice

Topics: Nursing home, Health care, Care of residents Pages: 3 (1019 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Kady kabalo
BTEC levels 4 and higher nationals in health and social care Unit title principles of health and social care practice

There are many department in health and social care, there are provides health care practices in various different of organisations by considering the philosophy of care that provide the rights of the patient. The care practice provides the great support to the patient by providing their protection and make sure they are safe in all aspects of the care organisation and service. The philosophy of care they recognise the benefits of the patient through on agreed care plan that reflect the individual needs of the patient upon an individual assessment through person centred approach. The career bring the good support to the patient by resolving their dilemmas and conflict within the implementation of the practices as per the legislation, regulations, policies, charters and code of conduct in place in the several types of organisation. All help the support a career bring to the patients are value and principles that are implemented within mutually agreeable. 1.1 Explain how principles of support are applied to ensure that individuals are cared for in health and social care practice. They are 5 principles in health and social care practices: confidentiality, communications, promoting antidiscrimination practice, rights, and also acknowledging individuals believe and identities. Confidentiality is very important in health and social care, because it's private information, no patient wants their records on show for everyone to see. Plus, I think the amount of patients would decrease because people would then be scared to seek help.

Confidentiality is a human right. Some people are really personal and keep themselves to themselves, while others tell everyone and the world about themselves. People have different ideas and different ways of doing things and we should respect and celebrate the differences that people bring with...
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