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Topics: French language, Louisiana, Catholic Church Pages: 1 (297 words) Published: January 25, 2014
Into The history of Louisiana, there are many things that occur. Such as the great the depression, how Louisiana became the French Louisiana than the Spain than the French once own it again. Deep into the history of Louisiana you can learn a lot and share it with many other. LaSalle was the French explorer who discovered Louisiana for France in 1682. The difficulties he face was that he never established the colony but was the 1st initial person to discover Louisiana. Treaty of Fontainebleau was the secret treaty which marked the first transition of authority for the Louisiana colony. Most Louisiananians reactions were I guess okay, the king of Spain/King od France were related so France sells Louisiana to Spain. The kings agree that France should give Spain the country known as Louisiana. Bienville was the Father of Louisiana.” Yes, he deserve that title, because he took the place of wanting to finish what LaSalle started. He were rank of Admiral and went off to fight the English. During the Territorial Period Louisiana was becoming a true "melting point", for various reasons. The people of Louisiana had not previously known many Americans. Many claimed membership in the Catholic Church, but only went to church for their own personal reasons, this did not help that the American Protestants who poured into the territory. The people in Louisiana also expressed dissatisfaction with jury service, voting, and other democratic civil duties, which they saw initially as impositions rather than privileges. Without Claiborne guidance I think Louisiana would still be facing some hardship, citizen won't have the advantages they have now. History may or may not would have repeat it self, because of the lost they would have face there wouldn't have been any changes for the government etc.
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