History of Malaysian Food

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History of Malaysia

Malaysia Food History 
Malaysia is home to many different ethnic groups who found themselves colonized. This is the result of thousands of immigrants arriving in the land as a way to find a better life. Most of the migrants were from India and China and carried their heritage and cuisine with them to their new land. These influences have encouraged a delightful fusion and have allowed the Malaysian cuisine to be what it is today. [pic]

Food From Malaysia

Traditional Malaysian Food 
The way that Malaysian food is made is different depending on the area, but the foods that are cooked are all the same. The differing methods of preparation allow for variations in flavor and look of the foods.  The main food in Malaysia is rice, but beef is very common as well. Since Malaysia does not have four seasons, there are always fresh vegetables.  The typical Malaysian breakfast includes a popular food known as nasi lemak. Other foods, including roti prata, half boiled eggs, kaya toast and wonton noodles, are favorites as well. On the east coast of Malaysia, a common breakfast consists of glutinous rice.

Malaysian Dishes

        Malaysia Dishes
• Mee Siam - This is a dish that is made up of thin rice noodles in gravy. It is sweet and sour. • Masak Belanda - This dish is made out of sliced pork and simmered fish that are added to tamarind juice. • Asam Laksa - This is a bowl of white rice noodles that are cut thickly and put in a soup that is made up of tamarind, onion, pineapple, fish meet, cucumber slices and basil. • Hainaese Chicken Rice - This dish is made of chicken that has been steamed. It is served with rice that is cooked in chicken fat. • Sayur Lodeh - This vegetable stew is cooked in coconut milk gravy that is lightly spiced. • Sambal sotong - This is cooked squid that is prepared in a sauce based on sambal and made with garlic, shallots, chilies and stewed tomatoes. • Soto - This...
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