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January 21, 2015
Beginning Aerobic Dance/W 10:00-10:50
Michael Snapp
The History and Origin of Aerobic Dance
Aerobics is composed of a system of exercises to prevent sickness that was first developed by Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper, a physician in San Antonio air force hospital in Texas. After Dr. Cooper wrote and published his book on aerobics in 1968, Jackie Sorenson developed dance exercises known as aerobic dance. This dance would improve the overall cardiovascular fitness. Because of aerobic dance, other forms of exercises gained being. The number of US citizens that participated in aerobic dance was about six million in 1978 to nineteen million in 1987.

In 1983, Howard and Karen Schwartz invented a new competitive sport which they called sport aerobics. In 1984, Sport Fitness International, their group organization had the credit of organizing the first aerobic championship competition in the nation. In the beginning, sport aerobics started featuring competition with only three competitors and in 2002 the competition included six athletes. The competitors were to do a one minute and forty-five second routine that they performed with music. In 1996, sport aerobics was officially known as a Gymnastic discipline.

There are many different benefits of aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise impulses the heart and the rest of the circulatory system. This pushes the system further than the easy pace of other everyday activities. The stress requires the body to adapt which cause many changes that benefit in a lot of ways. Health benefits obtained from aerobic exercises help regulate weight and it also limits the opportunities of developing many illnesses and diseases. More important benefits are that it decreases the risk of developing diabetes, it helps reduce and regulate the body fat, and it helps in prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Generally, aerobics burns fat. Doing aerobics provides a long life, a healthy life, and happiness....
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