Hindi Hai Hum (Hindi Is Our Mother Tongue) …….. Are We Really..??? Origin of ‘Hinglish’ or as I Say.. Hindification of English Words…!!

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Hindi hai hum (hindi is our mother tongue) …….. are we really..??? Origin of ‘HINGLISH’ or as I say.. HINDIFICATION OF ENGLISH WORDS…!!

After our independence, HINDI was declared to be the national language of our country. But this happened only in the paper, what came out in practice was much different.

Few days back I was copying hindi notes from one of my classmate, shalini, now shalini hails from a Hindi-medium school which means that she studied all the subjects at school level in Hindi…. Unlike me!! I really presumed that she will be very good in Hindi.. But…. I was astounded to read her notes.. There were so many mistakes in spelling and basic grammar, she comes from a Hindi medium school (for god’s sake) and she is making such basic mistakes…. I did correct some and then I did point out to her some ,she was a bit embarrassed(any one will be.. including me if I was her) and then excused herself that ma’am was very fast while dictating.

I have an ICSE schooling..ie English medium, hindi was taught to us as second language , we were made to study Sanskrit only from class 5th-8th. During my results, my father always saw my Hindi paper first (unlike other parents who would go for maths , in my dad’s list it came 2nd). We come from Hindi speaking states, and my father is himself well-versed in this language.. oh! How my dad used to scold me about my bad handwriting and spelling mistake…(in Hindi language) I was good in Hindi grammar, pronunciation.. But not in spelling. Now in my college, Hindi is just a minor paper(but compulsory) . I was always good in English (relatively, of course) but that never made my dad proud…!!

I am not writing this to emphasize on my bad spellings in hindi…but this is not just my problem.. there are many Indians, irrespective of their educational backgrounds, who are not well versed in Hindi and well not even in English, it is really surprising to know.. that a common person( AAM...
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