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Topics: Israel, Jews, World War II Pages: 1 (507 words) Published: July 1, 2014
The 1948 war, also known as the war of independence for Israelis, was caused by many factors during and before 1948 as both the Arabs and Israelis was to blame. However, the one important aspect is how the previous events leading towards the 1948 war. Another would be how British was a major influence to this war but with Zionist from America also supporting the return of the Jewish race also helped to promote war. Most importantly, it was because of the attitudes of both sides, the effects before the war and finally because of the seize of land. Firstly, the attitude of the Arabs and Israelis are vicious to begin with. At the start the Arabs mostly took fault and blame because of the Mufti desiring help from Adolf Hitler or the NAZIS which made a poor appearance to the world and caused the Israelis to have a bad image of all Arabs. Another factor which demonstrated how Arab was at fault was how Arabs were rejecting their own as being the Palestinians because the Israelis needed more land to live and set up a country. However, if looking at the Israelis side they were also being unfair towards the Arabs. Pointing out they are not all wrong, it was still wrong to make an exodus of around 200000 Palestinians to flee from their countries. Bringing back to the Arab side, they were making the Palestinians stay in their villages and fight and if they run away they will be considered as traitors which were a reason why the war started. Therefore, both sides have fault on beginning this war. Secondly, British were another major factor to starting the war. Because Britain was not able to follow up on their word, this made situation between the Arabs worse. As they promised to partition the land equally between the Arabs and Israelis. However, they spilt unfairly according to Arabs and Palestinians as the percentages of the spilt was 56% to Israelis and 54% to Arabs. This was unfairly split because at that time Arabs took up most of the land and not much Jewish people...
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