Herbal Cigrattes Case

Topics: Marketing, Tobacco smoking / Pages: 6 (1350 words) / Published: Nov 3rd, 2011

SUBMITTED TO: Prof. Rajesh Aithal
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Table of Contents 1. Alternatives 3 1.1 Pros and Cons 3 2. Alternative Selected 4 3. Implementation Plan 4 3.1 Highlights of Marketing Implementation Plan 4 3.2 Marketing Plan 5 4. Distribution Channels 6

1. Alternatives
Considering all the possible alternatives in order to launch Nirdosh in Indian market, there are 3 main options for Maans Products, India to market their product “Nirdosh” [Ref. http://www.indiamart.com/maansproducts/ ]
1.1 Pros and Cons: Alternative Markets | Pros | Cons | Tobacco Smoking Industry | (1)Huge market potential worth Rs.250 crore.(2)As the company is the sole producer of herbal cigarettes, it can create a monopoly in the market facing no competition.(3)Easy distribution of Nirdosh if distributed at the Pan stalls where tobacco cigarette smokers visit quite often. | (1)Impact on non smokers will be less.(2) It would be quite difficult for Maans as they would be indirectly competing against biggest tobacco brands in India.(3)Lack of satisfaction from smoking Nirdosh cigarettes might create problems in tobacco smokers | Herbal Remedy Market | (1)Acceptability must increase as it will be introduced as an herbal remedy.(2)Target market is quite considerable worth Rs 100 crore. | (1)Availability might become an issue as consumers can get it only in Ayurvedic stores.(2)Perceived as cigarettes, consumers will be reluctant to use. | Tobacco Industry and Herbal Remedy | (1)Huge revenues(2)Almost every segment of consumers will be targeted in order to get greater gains. | (1)Greater capital requirement.(2)Some other form might have to be invented so that consumers find inhaling smoke in good manner. | 2.

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