Heineken Carlsberg

Topics: Brand, Heineken Pilsener, Heineken brands Pages: 4 (812 words) Published: October 10, 2006
1.2 Articulate the Vision of these 2 companies, including logistics/quality using the 4 steps of Collins and Porras. Make a comparison of both mission statements

1. Core values


Respect for individuals, society and the environment is essential for sustainable business growth

Cherish a corporate culture that embraces diversity and a business approach that honours local laws and regulations

Beer is all about enjoyment

We sponsor music, sport, art and other commercial events because we think they are great ways for people to come together and enjoy themselves

Our business only works if we make great beer

We try to impose trends rather than passively accepting, and suffering, from them

Fifteen themes in a worldwide programme on social accountability including anti-corruption, child labour, employee representation, sexual harassment and non-discrimination; special programs on HIV/AIDS and responsible alcohol consumption

Innovative in finding the ways: We create excitement among consumers, customers and employees. Ambitious when setting targets: We are daring when pushing for results Responsible in our actions: We value strong relationships with consumers, customers, employees and partners. Honest in our approach: We are proud of our company and trustworthy in what we do.

2. Core Purpose


As an international company, with operations in almost every country on the planet, Heinekens three core purposes are: quality, respect and enjoyment


Carlsberg wants to become market leader in all markets and market segments where it operates

3. BHAG´sBig Hairy, Audacious Goals


If a market is already in the hands of other brewers, we devote all our energy to developing a premium segment with Heineken beer, and if feasible, specialty beers.


Probably the best beer company in the world

Our brands will be the consumers' first choice, and we will lead the industry in...
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