Hector Gaming Company case quick analysis

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Case Study HW 1
Hector Gaming Company

The Hector Gaming Company (HGC) makes games, though the type of games they make cater to a very specific demographic; educational games for children. They are a young company but found themselves in a niche type market, where not many people are making game specifically for the youth. This sets them apart from other companies that usually focus on the sports/action/rpg genre. This type of market was open for the taking and HGC found a great place in producing games for it, yet all wasn’t okay behind the scenes. The company is very profitable but now they are running into issues on how to reach their intermediate and long term goals; however they all agree in the direction they should go. The major issue seems to be focus on which projects to focus on. HGC should collectively prioritize the direction they would like to go in and the projects they need to focus on. By implementing a project screening matrix HGC can organize and prioritize projects that need to be completed first, second, third…etc. They should do this so they can all see what needs to be done in order to keep things profitable for the company. Making a new game for international students going to college isn’t exactly what the company should be focused on since their core customers look for games for their children or grandchildren. This does not mean that they shouldn’t make that game, it just shouldn’t be a priority, and this will add another project manager back so they can focus on something else. The team has a lack of focus since they are not meeting time constraints or budgets. By giving S.M.A.R.T. objectives this issue can become more and more uncommon. S.M.A.R.T. is going to help the small group be specific in targeting what needs to be done while establishing measurable indicators of the progress being made so they can assign one person to complete each task realistically in a timely manner.
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