Heaven Is for Real

Topics: Jesus, Appendicitis, Color Pages: 1 (396 words) Published: December 19, 2012
For my book report I read Heaven is for Real. This book is a biography of a young boy named Colton and his family and how Colton dies and goes to heaven for about 24 minutes in our time. Colton is not yet four years old in the book when his appendix bursts on the Burpo family trip. The reason they went on the trip in the first place was to celebrate the recovery of his father Todd’s kidney stone surgery and the recovery of his leg that he bashed in a softball game. So they went down to Greenly Colorado for a pastor board meeting in February of 2003, but the family made it into a family vacation too. Before the trip Colton was running a high fever and was throwing up but right before the trip it stopped. That is a sign of the appendix bursting soon, but they did not know that. Then during dinner it came back and he was throwing up uncontrollably. They then rushed him to the doctor to find that he needed immediate surgery. During the surgery Colton gets a glimpse of heaven.

If I had to pick three things that I found most amazing about what he said he saw and did in heaven is, One: that everyone has wings. I found this interesting because when I think of heaven I don’t imagine people with wings, I thought that only angles had wings. Two: Colton said things that he shouldn’t know unless he was there in heaven himself. And three: (I find this most amazing) that this three year old boy in preschool didn’t know about stigmata but he said to his dad ‘Colton nodded, yeah like colors. He had colors on him. Like when you color on a page? Yeah. Well, what color are Jesus’ markers? Red, daddy. Jesus has red markers on him. Clinton where are Jesus’ markers? He stood up and held out his left palm and then his right palm. Then he pointed to the tips of his feet. That’s were Jesus’ markers are daddy. He has to have seen this, he had to bee there to know.’

I recommend this book to people who like to learn more about Jesus, God, the apostles, and heaven. I loved reading...
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