Healthy Living

Topics: Health, Medicine, Personal life Pages: 3 (366 words) Published: January 9, 2011
Health is described as physical and mental well-being and freedom from disease, pain

or defect. However, such descriptions only superficially define the actual meaning of

health. There may be many occasions when individuals are not necessarily ill or in pain

but may be overweight, stressed or emotionally unstable. Health is a quality of life

involving dynamic interaction and interdependence among the individual’s physical

state, their mental and emotional reactions, and the social context in which the

individual exists. There are many factors that influence your health, but three major

components contribute to general well-being: Self-awareness, a balanced diet and,

regular physical activity.

In order to lead a healthy lifestyle, it is essential that individuals constantly monitor their

health. This involves not only physical, but also mental and emotional aspects of the

body’s functioning, as they relate to the home, school, work, and leisure environments.

If necessary changes are made sooner rather than later, then a stable, balanced and

healthy lifestyle will be more consistently maintained. In fact, the World Health

Organization says being healthy is feeling that there are few physical or emotional

impediments to doing things in your life that you would like.

It is very difficult to live healthy nowadays. We are in continuous rush.

Even if we have the knowledge what to do to have a healthy life, it is very difficult to

combine it with every day’s duties.

On the other hand, during last years we realised how important this matter is. With

every year we care more and more to live healthy. We are trying to maintain the ‘keep

fit’ lifestyle, but do we really understand what does it mean?

To be ‘fitness’ means to be in general state of good health. So how should we organise

our life to be this way? There are many opinions and answers to this question. One of

them is presented in the...
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