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Healthy Food

By Katerina-Lenkova Mar 28, 2015 297 Words


A healthy diet

A poor diet



essential fatty acids




Essential fatty



Foods Rich in Water!

It is important to drink water
at the right time!

Amazing Effect of
Drinking Lemon Water
on Empty Stomach!



1. Potassium (калий)
2. Chlorine (хлор)
3. Sodium (натрий)
4. Calcium (кальций)
5. Phosphorus (фосфор)
6. Magnesium (магний)
7. Sulfur (сера)

1. Potato skin, tomatoes, bananas,
papayas, dry beans, whole grains,
2. Table salt (sodium chloride) is the
main dietary source.
3. Table salt (sodium chloride, the main
source), sea vegetables, milk, and
4. Dairy products, eggs, canned fish with
bones (salmon, sardines), green leafy
vegetables, nuts.
5. Red meat, dairy foods, fish, poultry,
bread, rice.
6. Raw nuts, soybeans, cocoa mass,
spinach, sea vegetables, tomatoes.
7. Eggs, turkey, beef, pork.

Vitamin A

orange, ripe yellow fruits, leafy vegetables, carrots, pumpkin

Vitamin B6

meat, vegetables, tree nuts, bananas

Vitamin C

many fruits and vegetables, liver

Vitamin D

fish, eggs, liver, mushrooms

Vitamin E

many fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds

Vitamin K

leafy green vegetables such as spinach, egg yolks, liver





All-American Burger Experiment:
What Happens To Your Best Fast Food Burger
When Left In A Jar For 30 Days

Eating a well-balanced, healthy diet provides your body with the essential nutrients it needs to function on a daily basis. Healthy foods keep your brain active, provide you with energy and strengthen bones and muscles. Maintaining a healthy diet can also help you manage your weight, prevent chronic diseases and alleviate stress.

Regular intake of fruits and vegetables positively affects the whole body!!!


Enjoy good health!!!

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