Fruits and Vegetables

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Fruits and Vegetables

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Squash and Melon
Tropical Fruits

Fruits: Botanical and Popular

Botanically, a fruit is the ripened ovary wall. The ovary is part of the carpel, the innermost whorl of a flower, the female reproductive structure. The ovary contains the ovules, the haploid equivalent to mammalian eggs.
– Some fruits also contain parts of the flower base.

Botanical fruits can be classified as fleshy, dry dehiscent, and dry indehiscent. Most of what are popularly called fruits are fleshy fruits.
The generally understood common definition of a fruit is sweet and aromatic fleshy plant products that are mainly eaten as dessert or a first course in a meal, and not as the main meal.
Thus, many fleshy fruits (in a botanical sense), such as tomato and cucumber, are considered vegetables in popular culture.
In botany, a vegetable is simply any plant or plant part.
In the common definition, vegetables are plant products eaten with the main course. In taste, they are salty or sour or savory, but not sweet.
Some vegetables are botanical fruits: tomatoes and cucumbers for example. Others are plant stems, leaves, and roots.

Legal Fruits
• Botanically, a fruit is an ovary that has ripened after fertilization.
• However, in 1883 a 10% duty was placed on all vegetables being imported into the US.
• John Nix, an imported from New Jersey, argued that he shouldn’t have to pay the duty on tomatoes, because botanists consider them fruits.
• The case went all the way to the Supreme Court (which means at least 3 separate courts examined the question). In 1893, the Court ruled that for legal purposes, tomatoes were a vegetable, not a fruit.
• Based on popular usage: vegetables (including tomatoes) are eaten at dinner, while fruits are sweet and are eaten at dessert.
• Tomatoes are the state vegetable of New Jersey. Ohio

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