Healthcare, Persuassive Essay

Topics: Universal health care, Medicine, Health economics Pages: 5 (791 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Persuasive Essay

How many of you actually know what having healthcare is? How many of you actually know the

benefits and the limits you have? There are two main types of healthcare, Universal and Traditional

healthcare, but not a lot of people really know what they mean. It is important to learn more about

healthcare because you get a better understanding of what is available to you. The workload for doctors

and nurses vary depending on what kind of healthcare you have. In addition, the quality of healthcare

First of all, traditional healthcare plays a vital role in a person’s life and therefore should be

informed about this type of health care. Eventually as college students, we will have to decide and pick

some sort of insurance soon. In traditional healthcare, a person chooses which doctor, hospital, and any

other health care providers they would want. According to author Renee Dietz from Traditional Health

Insurance - Pros and Cons, the person chooses which doctor, hospital, and any other health care

providers. If someone knows a relative doctor or is not satisfied with their current doctor, the client can

simply go to the insurance company and claim them switching doctors. Also, the insurer pays your bill

after treatment has been rendered. Just as there are good things from traditional health care, there can

be flaws which can affect your life and which you should be aware off. Companies tend to have flaws

that their clients are not aware of. Dietz the insurance company will often only pay expenses they think

are reasonable. As you can see based on the traditional health care insurance, there are certain things

that leave people questioning their healthcare. That is the reason why it is important for people to get

Next, is universal healthcare and how it can help just knowing what it is. Universal Health Care is

also known as universal coverage. It is where everyone is covered for basic healthcare services.

According to the article “What is Universal HealthCare Coverage,” author Trisha Torrey

states, “"Universal healthcare" or "universal coverage" refers to a scenario where everyone is covered

for basic healthcare services, and no one is denied care as long as they are legal residents in the

geography covered, such as all the residents in the state of Massachusetts, or all the citizens in the

country of Canada.” People confuse Universal Healthcare with Single-Payer Health Care. Universal

HealthCare can be funded in many ways, but all require government involvement. The laws determine

what type of care must be provided, to whom the care must be provided, and the basis for determining

coverage. In some universal healthcare programs, the government can manage healthcare systems but

most systems use either private or public health care providers. Some people debate about universal

healthcare. Patients with pre-existing conditions can still get health coverage. Those who believe that

"Free" health care isn't really free since we must pay for it with taxes. After realizing the controversy

of having universal healthcare, hopefully you realize how useful it is to learn more about healthcare

Although Universal healthcare has its benefits, you have to consider the impact that giving every

American access to free healthcare would have on your doctor’s office experience. Our experiences at

the doctor’s office are already unpredictable and the addition of hundreds of thousands of new patients

that universal healthcare will bring could worsen the patient experience. Universal healthcare provides

affordable healthcare to millions of people who would otherwise be unable to afford it, and although it’s

great that the government is stepping up to provide for its people, the overwhelming addition of new

patients could further strain an already overloaded medical staff. Due to the shortage, many patients in

need of...
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