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Topics: Work, Religion, Walk This Way Pages: 2 (558 words) Published: August 27, 2013
IT 4222-202

Outcome 1: Understand what is required for competence in own work role

As I am a care assistant my duties and responsibility in my role are

Making sure I arrive on time for my service user
Assisting out of bed, getting washed/ showered dressed and is ready for the day •Preparing service users food whether its breakfast diner tea or super •Administering there medication
Prompting their medication
Making sure they have their fluids

I set my standards very high and undertake all of my tasks for my service user to a high standard even down to their cleaning, if standards aren’t set high then this can cause problems with the service user for example: - if you don’t brush their teeth one morning and forget to do it the next then their mouth would have a horrible taste and bad breath smell, this could then be called abuse and POVA (protection of venerable adults) could come into it. So it is very important for standards to be high in the work that is carried out.

A way of describing how personal attitudes and beliefs that could be affected and how not to approach in this way is:-

If you have a service user of different religion even though yourselves don’t agree with this type of religion then you shouldn’t treat them any different •Service user has different skin colour, you should treat them as any other person with same colour skin as yourself •If you and a service user have had a disagreement then you should just continue doing you work as normal and treat them as you normally would.

Outcome 2: Be able to reflect on own activities

Reflecting on your own work and activities is good because you can see where you are or have gone wrong, you can then change this by getting more training or advice from other people and they can show you what you are doing wrong. When you have done something good for example: I was in a service user’s home and it was time for her medication, I gave her medication and then noticed she...
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