Health issues in modern times

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Health Issues in modern times.!


In modern times, people’s urban living environment has changed and their habits have been transformed. Now problems such as obesity, lower fitness levels and poor health affect the population in some developed countries. In the following essay I will talk about the causes and the actions that should be taken in order to find a solution to this problem.!


In the age of modern technology, where the use of many amenities makes people’s lives easier and more comfortable we can find inventions that have a negative influence on the physical lives of humans. For instance, with computers and televisions many spend long periods of time sitting in front of the screen at home and work. No longer is it necessary to be physically active when people rely on technology to do their jobs or on cars instead of walking.!


Nowadays, some countries’ urban environment and infrastructure do not support healthy lifestyle habits. In fact, they/these encourage obesity. In large populated cities the lack of appropriate spaces for recreation is an issue and makes it very difficult for people to maintain an active life. Furthermore, unaffordable gym memberships and excessive cost of sport equipment have contributed to a sedentary lifestyle. These are problems that governments and councils have to face. Authorities can act through the construction of healthy environments and invest in the creation of spaces such as bike trails, sidewalks, parks and so on (etc) . A good example of this approach are the strategies used in Holland, where bike trails and renting bike spaces are found in and around town, with the aim to not only reduce vehicular traffic but also as a public service with a cardiovascular benefit.!


Correct approaches and social changes are needed to address the pressing problem of obesity in our population, especially in the most vulnerable. Children are the target OF/are targeted by Fast food chains with their aggressive...
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