Pollution Free Environment

Topics: Pollution, Environmentalism, Air pollution Pages: 13 (2026 words) Published: August 31, 2010
Pollution free environment is a dream that becomes a reality only in the video footages of

Natgeo – we would love to have clean, fresh air to breathe, fruits and vegetables that

taste as they should taste, peace and happiness in every home devoid of anger, irritation

or misery. We would love to listen to the chirping of the birds and see the butterflies as

they flit from one flower to another. We yearn for Utopia. Our leaders keep promising to

lead us into that dreamland but, we end up in hospitals and nursing homes with cough, cold,

asthma and other similar diseases that are the legacies of pollution. Some TV channels show

the levels of pollution in leading cities – the concern ends there. The information comes

at the end of the news and does not mean much to the viewer who is more interested in the

program that follows. Those lucky few who are blessed with wealth try to lose themselves in

the pollution free environment of foreign shores. They are usually accompanied by those

whose primary duty is to ensure that he enjoys his holiday. But, escape is no easy – he

continues to worry whether his last investment is giving results.

In order to boast of a pollution free environment, we have to analyze the reasons, identify

and isolate them and take corrective action. The largest culprit is the automobiles that

spew fumes. Plenty of measures have been laid out to arrest such pollution but ensuring

their implementation is difficult. A solution could be to encourage the use of bicycles or

solar powered or electrical vehicles till tele-transportation Star Wars style becomes a

reality. Organizations could consider introducing incentive schemes to promote projects of

this nature – it will revive the tramways. Employees who declare that they commute to work

by metro rail or by the tram would be eligible for bonus marks at the time of the annual

performance review.
Strict action would be taken against people throwing garbage in front of their houses and

on roads.

energy of the future
in many of today’s many scientific theories, many scientists believe that Global warming is

increasing and we must do something before we all die. Al Gore says “The serious debate

over the climate crisis has now moved on to the question of how we can craft emergency

solutions in order to avoid this catastrophic damage” (Global Warming Is an Immediate

Crisis 292); the reason, Co2 emissions caused by fossil fuels. Many people believe

renewable energy is the way of the future. I believe renewable energy is the future too;

but not because of global warming but, because Oil is causing more problems than “global

warming” but political and economic problems.
Oil is a fossil fuel and there is only so much of it left. With high fuel prices the energy

companies make billions while the average Joe has a hard time filling up has vehicle with

$3.78 gas. Oil has also caused political problems especially in the Middle East. Don’t get

me wrong though oil is the most reliable source of energy out there. Almost everything runs

on Oil and America depends on it so much. I personally think we should still use oil while

making a steady transition to a nation run on renewable energy. When and if the nation is

fully run on renewable energy, oil will still be useful; it could become a major export

commodity for lesser developed countries. Oil will always be used till it is used up. Renewable energy is the plan for the future, with recent discoveries and technology

breakthroughs we have a bright future in head of us. Talk about brightness, photovoltaic

cells capture the suns light. The concept of solar energy has (using photovoltaic cells)

has been around since the 1960’s. Solar energy first powered the satellites orbiting earth;

now we have solar energy powering thousands of homes. Solar energy is becoming...
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