health history and screening of an adolescent or youg adult client

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The population of the U.S. keeps increase to be a diversity nation. As they emerge to one nation, they share common concerns about life such as health and quality of life. Providing effective health care to diverse ethnic group, cultural minority group, need to have proper assessment tool for assessment for their cultural needs, beliefs, and their traditional health care practice. The Heritage Assessment Tool create effective assessment of background of people include age, gender, family structure, nationality, culture, religion, and social activity. The detail information from this tool contribute to the ability to become culturally competent so that effective nursing care can be initiated, planned, implemented, and evaluated in individuals, families, and communities. The goal of The Heritage Assessment Tool is to enhance care for cultural minority group to encourage their quality of life and health promotion and prevent discrimination by a dominant group. It is necessary to understand cultural influences with health care practice to provide health promotion. Using The Heritage Assessment will assist nurses in providing information that benefit on minority group to get equal opportunities in health care. Mr. and Mrs. Choi who is Korean, middle age in their 40’s, have been living with their 17 years- old son and Mrs. Choi’s mother. They all live in low- income neighborhood area. Mr.

and Mrs. Choi are both high school educated and both worked full-time in Korean grocery store

as a manager and casher. Mrs. Choi’s mother had stroke 2 years ago with left side weakness.

Their income is not enough to support insurance for acupuncture, massage therapy, and herb med to treat her mother. Their son is going to college next year. They don’t speak English...
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