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Secondary interventions are used when primary interventions fail to prevent the disease from occurring. Secondary interventions are steps taking to restore patients’ health by relieving or stopping signs and symptoms of the disease. In the case of asthma, primary intervention is least likely to prevent asthma events from happening. This is because asthma is multifaceted in nature and causes may be unpredictable. Signs and symptoms like coughing, shortness of breath, wheezing and chest tightness remains the same no matter the contributing factors that lead to an asthma attack. Consequently, a secondary intervention is the most appropriate step to take after an official diagnosis of asthma. The use of medication is the most effective secondary intervention to control asthma. Different medications have being proven to relief all physiological events that occur during an asthma episode. These medications fall under two umbrellas of asthma medications: preventer and reliever medications. Preventer medications are used to minimize the occurrence of asthma events and reliever medications on the other hand aid the patient during an asthma attack. In a study by Lasmar et al (2009), 80% of those who use preventer medication suffered least over the duration of the study

Numerous studies have shown that preventer medications yield better results in the control of asthma than reliever medications. The continuous use of preventer medication is better at controlling chronic asthma as it impedes asthma events from occurring, while acute asthma events are mitigated by bronchi-dilators relievers, The goal is to encourage the use of preventer medication to reduce the morbidity and mortality that arises with asthma events. Preventer medications are steroid based and people are very skeptical in the use of steroids. ( reason y people are skeptical and a conclusion) HEALTH BELIEVE MODEL

The Health Believe Model is based on value expectancy concepts through a person’s response to...
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