Health Checks

Topics: Health, Childhood, Health care Pages: 2 (395 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Erika Bradley
September 24, 2012
Child Development 10
Assignment: Daily Health Checks

What conditions should a teacher look for when inspecting a child’s skin?

A teacher will like to look for bruises, scars, burns, skin tone, sores/rashes and bumps. These are obvious changes that he/she can note on a daily health check. By noticing these changes the teacher will be able to question the parent on how the child got it. It can lead to knowing about children getting abused or being malnourished at home or school. The above mentioned skin conditions can also lead the teacher or parents on finding out what the child is allergic.

What observations suggest that an infant or toddler may have a cold? An observation suggesting a maybe the child sneezing, drainage from the nose, rubbing eyes, teary eyes or warm skin. Usually these signs are the beginning or the process of a infant or toddler having an cold. Another important observation is if the child has green or slightly drainage from the nose. These usually means that it relates to some type of infections plus the cold.

What do children gain from the daily check experience?
Children can gain knowledge on the signs of healthy or unhealthy body signals. Once they see a teacher looking at their bodies daily then will know their body parts too. They will become more and more familiar on the names of the body parts and what the body part shouldn’t be doing. Depending on the age a daily health check can consist of the child pointing to that body part and naming it.

In what ways can a teacher use their heath recorded observations to improve children’s health? The teacher can use her observations to notice any unusual behaviors. She can easily go back and track to see if a runny nose and how that impacted the child’s learning. Another way is that if the child is become ill to frequently he/she can recommend the parent do something more serious on the medical aspect. For example, if the child is constantly...
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