childcare level 2

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Module 2: Health And Safety
Four observations I have carried out in my setting in the preschool room are on four children aged between 4-5 *My first observation was on a child called Molly. Molly was asked what does a builder do and she said they build houses and use screws. *my second observation was on a child named Christopher. Christopher built a motorbike out of mega duplo blocks and said he is going to ride it. *my third observation was on a child named Kyra. Kyra was sitting down doing her father's day card and as she was writing the letter 'D', she said D is for daddy *my fourth observation was on a child named Veikko. Veikko was in the back garden and had said to his peer ''I have petrol''. when asked what was the petrol for, Veikko replied: '' for the car to make it go''.

Task 2.1 Settings (TDA 2.1, 2.1, MU2.8, 1.1, 1.2, MU2.4, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3) What is meant by a positive environment is a happy place. A happy environment is a setting that has structure and routine so that children can rely on a secure environment.   Always looking at the positive in everything that children do can help them to be more confident.   A positive environment can also help to stimulate children and in affect make the children want to learn more. A positive environment is one that supports all aspects of development, children's learning and provides ways for me and staff members to extend on that, challenging children and promoting times for them to rest. It also means an environment where parents, colleagues, all work in partnership to actively make opportunities for children to achieve positive outcomes. The regulatory requirements that underpin a positive environment for children and young people are: Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework

Childcare Act 2006
HSWA (the health & safety at work act 1974)
Care Standards Act 2006
Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults (where applicable)

The kind of influences that affect children and young people's...
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